Vice Chairman Message (Internal)

Photo - DVCadelinia Jr.I am very much delighted to express my sincerest salutation to all members of the Filipino Tennis League – Qatar (FTL-Q) and all that embodies the Filipino tennis community in the State of Qatar. Having pledged our commitment and dedication to serve wholeheartedly is always our absolute crave in nurturing the real essence of the League’s aspiration and in the realization of the Mission, Vision and Goals for the benefit and welfare of all its Members.

As the FTL-Q embarks into another stretch of leadership, it is our utmost yearning to always bring forth this esteemed league into new heights. The welfare of all the Filipino tennis enthusiasts, the FTL-Q members is our primary importance which draws the inspiration to deliver our most valuable services that each and every one of you deserved. We shall always strive harder in performing our duties at the highest level and work relentlessly with the ambition to continuously engender valued achievements, growth and notable contribution in FTL-Q’s noble quest.

Established in 1992, the FTL-Q constitutes around 500 members at present. Team Tennis Tournaments are organized every year, one in summer and another one during winter season. Typically, the summer team tennis tournament is being dubbed as “Independence Cup” while the “Ambassador’s Cup” is held during winter. In July 2015, FTL-Q have also organized and conducted the first “All Ladies Team Tennis Tournament”. The tournaments’ venue is at Khalifa International Tennis and Squash Complex. With the collaboration, support and cooperation of all members, we will always devote our time and effort in helping not only to promote health and wellness, camaraderie and sportsmanship of all members but also to develop and enhance the talents and potentials that will truly make one’s tennis life more enthusiastic, meaningful, and enjoyable.

Vice-Chairman (Internal)
2016 Filipino Tennis League – Qatar