Chairman Message

chairmanThe Filipino Tennis League Qatar’s set of officers for 2016-2017 are on board, and I would like to thank everyone who made this happen.  We are all keen to take the first serve and lead our organization in achieving its goals according to the mission and vision of FTLQ.

This year, the Executive Board agreed on tackling the membership database first and foremost.  A Membership Committee has been formed with the task of developing the members profiles and classification structure.  A proper ID system will be rolled-out which will be linked to the membership database.  The new ID card that will be issued will serve as a proof of a full-fledged FTLQ member.  This will enable each member to enjoy the perks of being such, like discounts in selected sports establishments.

With the support of the Philippine Embassy and United Filipino Organization Qatar, we will seek sponsorship for the major team tennis tournaments this year.  In addition to these main tourneys, we plan to host as many social tennis matches, dual meets and other events.  We welcome your suggestions in this regard.

With the refurbishment of the FTLQ website, we intend to keep members engaged and informed, in addition to shout outs in social media sites and revival of the newsletters.  We will keep you updated with the programs and activities of our group.

I intend to uphold transparency of the financial status of the organization.  Each quarter, a financial statement will be posted in the FTLQ website and records will be available for members’ scrutiny.

We are a diverse group, with 14 active teams (and counting) and average of 50 members each team, and I cannot possibly keep everyone happy all the time.  Nevertheless, I and the rest of the Executive Board and Committee members will make ourselves available to discuss ideas or any issues that you may have.  We meet every week to discuss plans and all other matters, so please don’t hesitate to approach and talk to us.  The success of our organization can only be achieved with the support and participation of the members.

Again,  I would like to thank you for your continued patronage of FTLQ, and I look forward to seeing you smashing balls in the upcoming events.

Mabuhay ang Filipino Tennis League Qatar!  God bless us all.

Filipino Tennis League – Qatar